2.0 Floor Standing Towers KV-707-T

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For all the Tower Speaker, Fans, PANDA® AUDIO has launched their TOWER Range of Speakers.To provide deep , rich Bass and enhanced performance on all Fronts. The Direct / Reflecting Floor Standing Speakers have two 6.5 inch Woofers and One Dome Tweeter, placed strategically in the enclosure, based on their proprietary use of direct and reflecting drivers. Two 6.5 inch Drivers with alluminium voice coil and Butyl Rubber Surround are specially imported to suit Indian type of Climate,To bear High Temperature and High Humidity, to give year after year of Optimum Performance. The Cone of Low Frequency Driver is extremely light and yet stiff to extend the Bass response down to 25 Hz. The Highs are handled by extremely effective Dome Tweeters to reach 20,000 Hz.

The Towers with smooth and Fine contours supported by firm and shapely back, with the Low End Grunt and Top End Airiness Combine to Pull you into any kind of Musical Performance.

KV-707-T TOWERS Built to Maximise the Sensational Sound of Digital Audio and Video, Employ a Powerful Drive System with Ferrite Magnet, Alluminium Voice Coil, High Linearity Suspension and High Strength Frame. The Woofer features Superb efficiency and sensitive response to provide clear dialogues, Powerful Effects and Sound with a sense of Depth and Scale.

PANDA® AUDIO KV-707-TW:Specification / Features

Recommended Use Main / Effect Channel
Woofers 2Nos,16 cm Butyl Rubber Surround, Compressed Cone
Tweeters Single High Wattage Dome Tweeter
Input Power(Max/Nominal) 300 Watts/120 Watts
Impedence 8 ohms
Effective Frequency Range 25 Hz - 20,000 Hz
Sensitivity 91 dB
Dimensions(W x H x Dmm) 220 x 775 x 225mm
Weight(Kg) 11/Unit(without packing)
Color Black